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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 5, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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6:00 wet wednesday thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. let's find out where the rain is. let's star in the east bay around concord, pleasant hill, walnut creek, lafayette whole highway 24 corridor, moderate to heavy rain in stretches back to berkeley, oakland, alameda down to san leandro, golf links road getting wet, as you head towards broadway terrace getting wetback to san francisco better radar returns around castro street and delores and mission streets to the ocean and then off the ocean that's where that wave is that we talked about yesterday, now developing and what concerns me about in wave it is slowing the forward progress of this cold front and starting to
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train echoes that means we are having waves of moderate to heavy rain roll over the same areas two or three or four times now and that's going to create flooding. good news the winds are very light now so hopefully the trees can hold on. the rain is heaviest during the morning, then scattered showers for the afternoon. you are going to deal with the worst of it now through 9:00. roads are slick, wet, a lot of accidents, east shore freeway, earlier accident in the westbound direction past golden gate fields, just jammed bumper-to-bumper that accident has been cleared. eastbound at gilman other direction that accident cleared. a bit of moderate slowing through that area of richmond berkeley and very slow commute on 80 westbound this morning. 24 west wilder accident still blocking two lanes san francisco north 280 accident blocking a lane there here's a look at drive times 580 not bad highway 4 not so
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bad typical but there is your commute carquinez bridge into the maze 45 minutes if you look at your waze app you can see from pinole valley road very slow 80 westbound due to earlier accident at san pablo dam road, bumper-to-bumper just give yourself time should be clearing out free app you can download at the app or or google play. live to cortamadera look outside you can see the rain causing pooling water on lucky drive, persistent problem in the north bay whenever it rains here's video from earlier north of there on highway 101 near sir francis drake. as mike mentioned the wet weather is expected to continue throughout the morning you will want to stay with the abc7 morning news for the latest information. coming up, back live to terry
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mcsweeney for an update on the conditions. more rain definitely a concern in marin county for some still digging out off a -- digging out. one resident snapped this picture of his home, six inches of mud covered his lawn it filled his pool too. four inches of water ruined floors in two hopes. stay with abc7 news for continuing storm watch coverage. track the -- storm any time at when weather hits your area your photos to ureport. developing news now out of berkeley, police are trying to figure out who shot a woman on a bicycle outside a middle school overnight near sacramento and war streets where amy hollyfield joins -- and ward streets where amy hollyfield joins us live with
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the investigation. >> reporter: investigators left 30 minutes ago it is raining near berkeley it has been throughout the night and they were out in it for six hours looking for clues that could lead them to this woman's killer. they don't know who she is. she didn't have any identification on her. when found her she was alone. when she got on the scene they didn't know they were dealing with a murder at first. they heard there was a bicyclist down and figured it was a crash. then they discovered she was shot in the head. she was alone. police don't have witnesses or suspects. they have no idea what the motive could have been. this happened around 11:30 last night near longfellow middle school. police were dealing with the rain and few if any clues but say they are trying to figure out who she is, why she was killed and who shot her in the head? amy hollyfield, abc7 news. police are also
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investigating a shooting in oakland near lake merritt overnight that left four injured around 10:30 along east 18th street near fifth avenue, a witness tells abc7 news he heard gunshots. within person was initially reported to be in -- one person was initially reported to be in critical, all are now in stable condition. investigators looking for three suspects. ban on gay conversion therapy for mineovers appears to be taking effect january 1st. a federal judge ruled against blocking the law yesterday and said it could go into effect in the new year this contradicts a ruling made monday by a different judge who says the law potentially violates first amendment rights. attorney general harris supports the ban and intends on defending the law. clerical employees at the port of long beach and los angeles will go back to their jobs this morning follow allege eight-day strike. they reached a deal last night.
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the los angeles mayor took part in the negotiations yesterday with federal mediators only a small number of clerical workers had been on strike with thousands of others refusing to cross the picket line. the strike had been a boost to the port oefbg land as deliveries were re-- oakland as deliveries were recruited. happy birthday caldecott tunnel today is the 75th anniversary of the tunnel. the original two bores cost 4 1/2 million dollars and took three years to build they replaced 1903 tunnel prone to closing during floods and mudslides. you drove across it this morning. doesn't look a day over 74. >> no it looks surprisingly good. a little facelift work maybe. traffic and weather coming
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up. well talk -- [ inaudible ]
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live doppler light to moderate rain from concord to bay point through 24 to oakland across the bay bridge to san francisco and the bigger batch just now impacting the coast this is going to hit the heart of the bay from about the dumbarton bridge north over the next hour or so san jose you've been going what rain, easy getting around here it is about to get a little more difficult for you. looks like the heavier rain will stay to your north. fastest winds out of the southeast at 10 mountain view, 12 san jose. wet during the morning commute, scattered showers by noon, flirting with 60 light scattered showers by 4:00, showers fade during the evening. east shore freeway 80 westbound past golden gate
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fields and university bumper-to-bumper slammed with a couple of earlier accidents pinole valley road, richmond san rafael bridge area now berkeley area those accidents all picked up but the damage is done very slow approaching the maze this is the bay bridge you can't see it is so wet there, traffic backing behind the toll, northbound 280 accident blocking two lanes south 101 new accident before cesar chavez that accident blocking two lanes, san jose north 101 before mckey one lane blocked in san jose. california voters said yes to prop 30, the new impact it is expected to have on the state's bottom line. java jolt for starbucks, new plans just
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welcome back. 6:15. sacramento and ward streets where they intersect in berkeley, light to moderate rain for the better part of the last two hours be prepared as you head out. live doppler 7 hd, you can see that wall of light to moderate rain moving through the heart of the bay and moreover the coast ready to move across the peninsula and -- head towards the east bay shore this is going to taper but this morning you've got to be careful this is when the heaviest of the rain scattered showers and low to mid 60s this afternoon next three days drying trend slightly cooler but you will love the sunshine. report released overnight predicting impact of prop 30
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on the state's economy. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom with that and the housing news. >> reporter: the new economic forecast from ucla has lukewarm predictions for california jobs and personal income will suffer under prop 30's tax hikes. housing improvements will help the state, california will continue to grow but not as much as it iced to. the forecast says the new tax -- tax revenues under prop 30 will slow economic growth but will not derail recovery. unemployment is one example jobless rate in california should average 10 1/2% by the end of the year improved to 9.7% in 2013 and fall to 8.4 in 2014. meanwhile, great news on home prices. they have surged more than 6%
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in one year, the biggest jump in six years. the median home price up $18,000 to $178,600. california is one of the top 10 states where prices are rising the fastest. just crossing the wires this morning, labor department reports u.s. workers were more productive this summer, they cost their companies less, that's good. banks are seeing profits again and starting to lend money a little more freely. katie marzullo, abc7 news. another starbucks may pop up around the corner. the coffee giant is expected to announce today that it is planning to add at least 1500 in the united states over the next five years. the plan will boost the number of starbucks in the country by 13%. the seattle-based company says it will serve a new brand of tea worldwide. starbucks will have more than 20,000 cafes around the world by 2014.
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>> you can show me that now, anything warm sounds great, warm cup of something sounds great. >> we'll get you that great coffee from the second floor machine. [ laughing ] >> something to warm us up for sure with the rain. >> i like your train of thought. it is mild out, 50s and 60s, any time you get wet makes you feel cooler, you want something to keep you comfortable, how about this the worst of it is now, by the evening commute scattered showers time tomorrow we won't have to rain for a long time. embarcadero this morning raindrops on our lens as we look towards the ferry building and the bay bridge, we can see them pwhaoeupbs light rain now moderate rain falling but it is falling over the same areas it has been falling all morning. east bay from antioch back towards pittsburg, bay point,
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into pleasant hill, concord, walnut creek, alamo, danville across 24, sinking a little farther south, places like oakland, alameda, san leandro, san lorenzo, castro valley getting into light to moderate rain as is san bruno south san francisco daly city, colma towards burlingame that is going to continue to sink south over the next hour if you live near the dumbarton bridge or north you will get light to moderate rain and light rain in the south bay possibly moderate rain in the santa cruz mountains. over the past six hours russian river only quarter of an inch, santa rosa half an inch. petaluma a little more than a quarter. let's talk about temperatures dress for mid 50s to low 60s. mid 50s around the monterey bay. rain this morning, showers
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this afternoon. foggy spots the next couple of nights brighter and drier starting tomorrow. here's that wave we talked about yesterday, hooking up with the front slowing progress bringing us the higher intensity of rain during the morning commute, you can see noon the steadier rain moves east, scattered light showers will continue during the afternoon hours if you have outdoor plans be prepared overnight maybe a stray shower then tomorrow's morning commute all gone a little fog forming then partly sunny and dry thursday afternoon. rainfall amounts up to half inch south bay, up to an inch around the bay and the east bay if you get caught under this training of these storms up to an inch and a half in the north bay. no worries for tailgating tomorrow the game ought to be in the 50s partly cloudy, temperatures slightly cooler, dry with a lot of sunshine friday through tuesday earlier accidents 80 westbound, richmond area, have
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things jammed earlier accident pinole valley road, san pablo dam road, bumper-to-bumper east shore freeway, still activity on the left hand sigh of the screen, right hand lane -- hand side of the screen, right land lane, westbound, golden gate bridge wet, not too busy fog on the waldo grade. new "sig alert" south 101 before cesar chavez lanes blocked, chp en route to this north 101 before mckey accident right lane, eastbound 980 at 14 this is the waze app, highway -- freeway 80 westbound all the way from rodeo and highway from before highway 4, very heavy due to several earlier accidents, new accident at pinole valley road very slow check your travel times from the carquinez
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bridge into the macarthur maze over 55 minutes now. definitely one of your tougher commutes. you can download this free app at the apple app store or google play. 6:20 within. our storm watch coverage continues -- to make sure the city ready for this latest wet weather. [ inaudible ]
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another look at live doppler, heaviest of the rain moving into the bay area now good news it is starting to sink a little down to the south, highway 4 corridor still getting wet around antioch and oakley heading towards walnut creek, san ramon towards millbrae, san mateo, south san francisco, pacifica, half moon bay will continue to sink south, south bay you are going to get rain just a matter of time before it get there is. by the afternoon, scattered showers. hardest, heaviest rain is falling right now through about 8:00. a fun clip of 49ers ahead coach harbaugh is making the rounds on the internet from 1996 with him appearing at
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screech'scus continue on an episode of saved by the bell -- >> people think i'm a hero because i can throw a ball but i wouldn't be anything without my teammate when you think you are a big shot you usually get if trouble. >> you can always count on my cuz. >> i can hear him saying the same things to his employers now. at the time of the show he was a quarterback at the colts. 6:25. raiders fans showing team pride as they move closer to raiders day tomorrow. that's jt the brick on the far right with members of the raider nation. raiders day begins today with a special pregame edition of abc7 news at 6:30. tomorrow larry biel hosting a special pregame show at 4 p.m.. concern did and woodson will join us for that -- kennedy
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and woodson will join us for that. once the game is over they will return with after the game. then it is abc programming. . looking good and dry for tomorrow's game. we want to check in with mike to get that confirmed. coming up, expect rain, wind and slick roads for this morning's commute. [ inaudible ] >> mike and doppler tracking areas getting hit hardest. [ inaudible ] . [ unintelligible ] . [ female announcer ] martinelli's gold medal sparkling cider
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good morning. you are looking live from our high-definition camera towards the embarcadero you can see the rain coming down even coating the lens. what does that mean to your commute? a lot. we have live storm coverage team coverage this morning amy hollyfield is standing by in the east bay where the rain started to fall overnight. >> sue hall is monitoring the roads which are very slick. let's begin with meteorologist mike nicco. street level into the east bay, right along 680 from alamo, danville, san ramon to dublin you can see bollinger canyon, crow canyon road, up to stone valley road light to moderate rain as you come across the east bay hills into the sews bay shore hegenberger
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expressway towards -- towards the oakland airport light to moderate rain down to san leandro. let's cross over towards sausalito, tiburon, san rafael avenue, paradise drive, getting light to moderate rain. same around san francisco down towards daly city, colma, south san francisco, geneva avenue towards brisbane that's where you are seeing the lighter rain. heiest of the rain moving into the heart of the bay area now. -- heaviest of the rain moving into the part of the bay area right now. roads are very busy. a lot of standing water, flooding, southbound 101 at paul leaving san francisco three lanes flooded use caution, 80 westbound very heavy couple earlier accidents, blinking lights right past golden gate fields and before
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university. eastbound better earlier accident at gilman, westbound from highway 4 very tough ride on 80. this is san rafael southbound past lucas valley road, traffic moving nicely, the rain has let up for the time being. "sig alert" san francisco south 101 before cesar chavez two lanes blocked, lots of flooding north 101 before mckey accident blocking lane,'s bound 980 at 14th -- just about 6:32. our storm watch coverage takes us live to berkeley and amy hollyfield. >> reporter: good morning. feels like the storm cell just sat over us for several hours and is still here it may be easing up a little many take a look at the rain we are expensing now, just -- a solid soaker for a few hours out here in berkeley heavier at times than what seeing now
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this is still a decent rainfall that you are seeing now. if we are to think of last week as our benchmark, this isn't as bad as that. that was intense this isn't that bad many but, it is very wet out here, definitely a slow down on your way to work morning, a grab the rain jacket morning and boots and umbrella, because it is pretty wet. to keep the whole family dry grab all the rain gear you got and give yourself extra time it is very wet and relentless, hours stead i steady rain, amy hollyfield, -- abc7 news. terry mcsweeney joins us live from cortamadera. you just got better news on the power outage you've been following. >> reporter: really good news folks in san rafael more than
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900 pg&e customers without power since 2:00 this morning all but 20 few are back on now. if -- all but 25 are back on now. there are places where the water is pooling and coming down the rain has been coming down in mill valley and up to san rafael since 6:00 last night on and off. northbound 101 here there's a spot and it is always getting bad when the rain comes down and it is bad again right now take a look at video from earlier we drove it to show you what it is like there's a warning light saying flooding ahead, use caution. as you are driving along at 50 miles an hour that is what can happen to you, even if you are in the fast lane or number two lane where the flooding is not that bad. the number three lane is are with the water pools up, if there is a car there it can blind you, as you saw in that video. something he will, you don't know how people are going to react to that warning sign as
6:34 am
they drive, some keep going 60, 65, others slow to 35, somebody slowed to 25 miles an hour, expecting a huge puddle, it is not when you go through it at 55 or 60 it kicks up the water the rain still coming down as it has been on and off since 6:00 last night in marin county for commuters anyone going out today heads-up on that pooling, remember last week? same places it was pooling then probably pooling this morning it was been coming down fairly steady on and off for 12 hours. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. 6:30 . crews in the santa cruz mountains hope to have one lane -- one lane open on vine hill road today one reason it is critical to fix it is an escape route for the city in case of an emergency evacuation fixing the entire road will take a month.
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in san francisco, the department of public works preparing pore more rain crews answered 40 calls to clear -- trees from the streets of san francisco during last sunday storm they've been out checking vulnerable trees and clearing catch basins.a[b dpw is offering free sandbags. stay with abc7 news for continuing storm coverage, you can track the storm any time with live doppler 7 hd at when severe weather hits your area, we would like to see it, send us your photos. rescue worker in the sierra foothills continue their search today for a nevada couple who disappeared during stormy weather they left thursday head towards their home in nevada and haven't been seen. 44-year-old clifton and his girl friend were visiting
6:36 am
family and friends. -- rescue teams and volunteers are searching in the snow for signs of the couple or their car. developing news from berkeley, we have learned bicyclist shot and killed outside a school was a woman. officers received a 911 call shortly before midnight and found that would dead near ward and sacramento behind longfellow middle school. officers just about wrapped up. they have nobody in custody. in san francisco police are investigating fatal shooting in hayes valley last night, a man was found on grove street with gunshot wounds to his torso before 8:00. he was taken to the hospital where he died. detectives have not released motive. 6:37. traffic and weather together, next. live look at live doppler shows rain is falling now in the north bay and east bay, some of those cells are
6:37 am
powerful. [ inaudible ] a pregnancy prank on the royal family. the stunts pulled at the british hospital where kate middleton is recovering from
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here's east bay shore from san pablo, -- down to university in berkeley, moderate rain now, moderate rain on the embarcadero back to geary bull down the great highway to sullivan -- between daly and colma and more wet weather around san leandro, 98th hegenberger expressway towards alameda and oakland.
6:40 am
>> no coincidence that's where we have a lot of the accidents. good morning. san jose you can see wet roads 87 in the northbound direction. julian on-ramp, traffic moving here, where it is not moving so nicely is 80 westbound. a lot of rain in the area, earlier activity on the right shoulder from accidents earlier this morning. one of the worst commutes 80 westbound from highway 4 about an hour drive. ahead, security leak at british hospital where kate middleton is recovering from severe morning sickness. trading underway on wall street.
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here's live doppler going street level san bruno near the airport, airport boulevard, millbrae avenue down to alameda in belmont getting some of the moderate rain now heading towards redwood city, wood side towards sunnyvale, mountain view, south bay light rain now all this is coming your way you can see it, all the cities would show up in the entire bay area f you are north of the dumbarton, especially 237 -- moderate rain over the next hour. right now live look outside heavy rain moving through this is berkeley, sacramento and ward streets intersection you can see how wet it is and cars splashing as they drive through some of the ponding can be severe
6:44 am
especially as the rain continues. be prepared before you leave this morning. we'll give you a sunnier
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also greatest american soccer player ever mia hamm joins us. >> we are glad robin was doing well enough to go on a walk with you and sam. >> that's all you need to know. she is back and ready to go, she is looking great. >> we can't wait to see her, thanks josh.
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the duchess of came bridge is spending a third day in -- cambridge is spending a third day in the hospital. you see prince william leaving the hospital last night after visiting his wife. palace spokesman says she is feeling better and less than 12 week along. hospital is revving up phone security and condemning a foolish prank by two deejays who called and got information about the chess by pretending to be the queen. look -- -- jane king live in the new york stock exchange. we jut got word within the hour that citibank is cutting 11,000 jobs. more than half will be in global consumer banking the company calling it a cal next step in its -- it a logical
6:48 am
next step in its transformation. november jobs report friday, just got a report today from payroll company saying the economy added fewer than expected jobs they blame hurricane sandy for part of that decline. we'll see what the government has to say in a couple of days. stocks holding on to positive, -- [ unintelligible ] facebook is one of the stocks we are watching trading slightly higher stocks getting extra attention getting added to the nasdaq 100 index next week that could help facebook. have you been in better spirits lately? sales of alcoholic drinks at restaurants saw a 5% jump.
6:49 am
researchers say booze-buying is on track to go up this year and next. according to consumers part of the increase has to do with food and drink pairings that we are seeing at so many restaurants, beer dinners and tequila tastings. i'm sure you see that every morning, right? i'm jane king, at the new york stock exchange. we are on the storm watch this morning, we have live team coverage we start with mike and a look at where the rain is now. heavy just about everywhere that's the problem with this morning, all of us except for south bay and extreme north bay getting dealt with a blow of moderate to heavy rain at times here's the embarcadero center and we are now starting to have trouble seeing the bay bridge which means the rain has picked up in intensity here in san francisco, you can see ponding on the roads, broadway, you can see that on the embarcadero. another advantage point, with
6:50 am
live doppler, embarcadero, san francisco, clipper street, judah street, geary boulevard, monterey boulevard down to daly city where we have the moderate to heavy rain now. as we slide towards the east bay, a little break at last on 80 from hercules, san pablo and richmond, shamrock drive now starting to dry out a little as is atlas road, fitzgerald drive, san pablo dam road light to moderate rain el cerrito and south fairmont avenue moderate to chevy rain, berkeley where amy has been moderate to heavy at times, sacramento and ward we have heavy rain now same ashby and university. piedmont, oakland, redwood drive, 580, 880 all very wet, head over to the east bay valleys from danville, diablo boulevard, sycamore valley
6:51 am
south through san ramon, crow canyon, into dublin, hacienda dry into pleasanton stoneridge mall light to moderate rain now that streps towards north of union city 880 to toe road light to moderate rain, cross over dumbarton bridge north of bay road towards redwood city, jefferson avenue heavier rain, belmont, san mateo, burlingame, all wet, light in the south bay. heaviest rain moving through now and will be moving through until 8:00 then rain in the south bay until noon, scattered showers for the rest of us, towards the forecast, dry tomorrow through tuesday. live shot of san rafael, camera facing in the northbound direction 101 out of novato past lucas valley road in the marin ymca on the
6:52 am
right traffic busy but moving light rain we had the he rain this morning fog up and over the waldo grade one of the heavier commutes 80 westbound from highway 4 right now still have activity on the shoulder before university with earlier accident blocking a lane there you can look at about an hour drive from the carquinez into the macarthur maze. south 1 he would 1 before cesar chavez "sig alert" lifted -- slow off of the bay bridge in san francisco, bumper-to-bumper eastbound 580 at edwards an accident new reported there drive times 580 and 4 typical, 80 from the carquinez bridge now registering over an hour. let's look at our waze app this is 80 from the carquinez bridge and highway 4 into el cerrito, standstill,
6:53 am
app it is free at the apple help your commute. ahead, five things to know before you go. ♪ [ female announcer ] at yoplait, we want you to feel even better about your favorite flavors. so when you call, tweet, and post, we listen. that's why yoplait light and yoplait original
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are now made with no high fructose corn syrup. and why we use only natural colors and natural flavors in yoplait original. so, anything else we can do for you, let us know. but you'll keep it to yogurt, right? 'cause we shouldn't really help with your love life. yoplait. it is so good! here are five things to know before you go. number one, fourth in a series of storms hitting the bay area this morning. you are looking at a live picture of berkeley where it has been raining for several hours coming didn't heavily the storm expected to be as what we've seen lately but causing concern in many areas. >> number two, crews are looking out for waterlogged trees that could topple in soil that is already oversaturated many crews have been working nonstop since the
6:55 am
weekend trying to protect homes. >> number three, wet weather, complicating efforts to investigate fatal shooting of a female bicyclist in berkeley. officers got a call before midnight and found the woman ted near ward and sacramento -- woman dead near ward and sacramento. >> number four, police looking for three suspects in a shooting that wounded four last night at several locations around east 18th and fifth avenue near lake merritt. victims are all in stable condition. number five, back on-the-job. clerical employees at the ports will return to work this morning after an eight day strike. employees and port reach a deal late last night. -- reached a deal late last night. final check on our forecast. delays into sfo this morning call ahead or check our flight tracker at terminal access road, airport boulevard light to moderate
6:56 am
rain rebuilding over the airport up to 280 towards colma, monterey road towards pacifica and daly city this is going to continue running over our neighborhoods, minor street flooding and minor creek flooding the next two hours. recap: wet water and standing water flooding around the bay area, live shot of the golden gate bridge, wet but moving with fog over the waldo grade be extra cautious. flooding in san francisco, live look at 80 westbound problems all morning still over an hour commute from the highway 4 area. severe flooding south 101 at paul probably the reason for several earlier accidents. thank you for joining us for the abc7 morning news which continues in 25 minutes with news, weather and traffic during "good morning america." we'll live you with another look at
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good morning, america. important news this morning for all homeowners. as prices soar to levels we haven't seen in years. jumping 6% in a month. we'll show which parts of america are the hottest right now. breaking at this hour, the bizarre hoax at kate middleton's hospital. radio deejays impersonating the queen and prince charles, persuade a nurse to tell them about kate's condition.


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